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Tankless water heaters heat water directly without the use of a storage tank. When a hot water tap is turned on, cold water travels through a pipe into the unit. Either a gas burner or an electric element heats the water. As a result, tankless water heaters deliver a constant supply of hot water.

“For homes that use 41 gallons or less of hot water daily, demand (or tankless) water heaters can be 24% to 34% more energy efficient than conventional storage tank water heaters.


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Why switch to a Tankless Water Heater?

Limitless Hot Water : As long as your water and gas supply remain uninterrupted and flowing smoothly, your tankless water heater will continue to supply you with hot water for as long as you need it.
Improves Home Safety : A tankless water heater is far more efficient for your home than a tank-style heater. When a water tank leaks, it can ruin drywall, damage flooring, destroy personal property, and even cause foundation issues. Tankless water heaters can help you avoid all that.
Prevent Heat Loss : Tankless water heaters can avoid the standby heat losses associated with  water heaters.
Cost Saving : Getting a water heated repaired/replaced and installing a tankless water heater can save you up to 20% on your energy bills. Additionally, tankless water heaters are eligible for rebates and grants from Ontario. You can get $400 back with Enbridge as a water heater ranks second in energy usage in your home.

How do I know if I need a new water heater?

Several signs could indicate your water heater may be failing:
Water build up in or around your water heater, water quality issues, or a reduction in the temperature or supply of hot water. An inspection from an expert can help you determine whether or not you need to repair, install, replace a new water heater.

Water Heater Repair & Replacement FAQ

There are several signs that indicate it is time to replace your water heater. If your hot water supply has decreased significantly or you experience frequent water leakage, this is a sign that your water heater is failing and needs to be replaced. Additionally, if you hear loud slamming or popping noises coming from your water heater, this is an indication of sediment build-up and can lead to further damage if not taken care of immediately.

Another indication is that if your current hot water heater is over 10 years old, then you might need to repair & replace it as there is a big possibility it will start having problems.

If you are unsure of when it is time to replace your water heater, we recommend contacting our company Imperial Heating for a free consultation. Call us today at (647) 852-2359.

The water takes so long to heat up because of a faulty water heater. It could be due to an aging unit, sediment build-up, or a variety of other issues. Whatever the cause may be, it is important to have your water heater inspected and serviced regularly to prevent further damage and inconvenience.

If you are facing this issue, we recommend contacting our company Imperial Heating for a free consultation to ensure your water heater is in working order. Call us today at (647) 852-2359.

There are several ways to save money by cutting back on water heating usage in Ontario. First, you can lower your water heater temperature to 120°F (48.9°C). This will reduce your energy consumption and save you money. You can also install low-flow showerheads, which reduce the amount of water used during a shower. Additionally, you can insulate your hot water pipes, which will reduce heat loss and keep water hotter for longer.

If you need help making the most of your water heater, contact our company Imperial Heating for a free consultation and we'll help you based on the scope of your house. Call us today at (647) 852-2359.

To accurately estimate the size of water heater you should buy for your home in Ontario, you will need to consider the square footage of the home and your hot water needs. Generally speaking, for homes up to 1000 square feet, a tankless water heater with a 40,000-50,000 BTU rating should be sufficient. For homes between 1000-1500 square feet, you may need a tankless water heater with a 60,000-80,000 BTU rating. And for homes larger than 1500 square feet, you may need a tankless water heater with a 100,000-130,000 BTU rating.

Tankless water heaters are now the ideal system for water heating in Ontario due to their energy efficiency, ability to heat water on demand, and their long lifespan. In this current climate, people opt for 96% energy efficient water heaters that are tankless.

If you need help selecting the right water heater for your home, we recommend contacting our company Imperial Heating for a free consultation. Call us today at (647) 852-2359.

The cost to replace and repair a water heater in Ontario depends on the type of water heater, the size of the tank, and the complexity of the repair. Generally speaking, replacing a water heater can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $4,000, depending on the size and type of the water heater. Repairs can range from $100 to $1,000, depending on the complexity of the repair.

To get an accurate estimate of the cost to replace and repair your water heater, we recommend contacting our company Imperial Heating for a free consultation. Call us today at (647) 852-2359.


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    November 19, 2022

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    November 19, 2022
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    Great customer service. They were on time, efficient & cleaned up when the job was done. They were easy to work with. I would definitely use them again.

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    November 28, 2021
Jason in Mississauga A/C Energy Audit

Thirushanth was great and professional, explained all the work he was doing and things he was replacing. Pointed out the things I needed to change, and maintain. Very informative and quick in his service.

sophia in North york Efficient Service

Imperial Heating installed our furnace for us today. The two gentlemen were prepared, efficient and left our house spic and span. Appreciate their kind efforts to be as minimally disruptive as possible and to patiently explain their installation process. Thanks again for a great job!

Peter Natural Gas Barbeque Hook Up

Needed my natural gas barbeque hooked up, Imperial came to the house at the time he said. Did the job in a professional way, was very polite. I recommend Imperial heating. I will be using them in the future.

Phil Wylie in Toronto Connect Patio Heater

Guys were great- polite, clean and hooked up my patio heater to natural gas line despite some challenges with the heater. They had to run out and get parts but were fast and efficient.

Pinetree Developments Furnace Servicing

The technician was pleasant and effective at the work, he went down and changed the filters in my furnace, and did an inspection. He informed me that there was some more work to be done, and so we've scheduled that for a later date. A good price and clean, efficient service.

Sedov in Thornhill, Ontario Furnace

My 25 years old furnace failed and I called few companies to get new furnace as soon as possible. Imperial heating offered better price and better product compared to others. And they installed new furnace next day morning.

Barbara Central Air Conditioning

I am satisfied with the work done. There were problems with the installation but they were resolved as quickly as possible at no extra charge. The sales representative, Amre, was excellent.


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